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With respect to the following statement, I am delighted to provide this information as I truly believe this type of recommendation is warranted for a very deserving company that has gone above and beyond my expectations with respect to your products and Customer service.

I have enjoyed doing business at Marble Expo since my very first time meeting you and your family members, as I was currently purchasing our travertine materials from a much larger company in the Tampa, FL area. However, I was not impressed with the level of their customer service as it was not a priority to them to accommodate smaller business orders such as ours at the time along with product delays and excessive delivery fees from Tampa made this very challenging to say the least.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the benefit that your company has provided with respect to your materials, which have most always been readily available and this has been much more practical for our Clients to peruse your fully stocked samples and very nice showroom. You have always provided the platinum treatment with assisting my Clients with all of their questions and concerns. Please accept this letter with my deepest appreciation, as I am very grateful for your company and it has been a pleasure working with people that have a passion for their business - this is a clear reflection of true Professionalism. I will look forward to doing business with The Marble Expo family for many years to come.

Steve Baker Aqua Illusions, Inc. Aqua Illusions, Inc. April 14, 2015